Engineering & Surveying Services 
NEW ADDRESS     380B Main Street
Gorham, Maine  04038


SITE ANALYSIS:          

- Engineering Review of Development Potential



- Retail

- Commercial

- Industrial


- Public Systems

- Private Development

- Computer Modeling

- Knowledge of Local, SCS and DEP Standards                  



 - Foundation Design

- Precast Concrete Structures



- Planning and Layout

- Grading

- Pavement Design

- Construction Inspection

- Pavement Repairs

- Phosphorus Control



- Local Boards

- DEP Site Location

- U.S. Army Corps


Maine DOT Survey, Design and Permitting


- Property Line

- Topographic

- Flood Plain

- Construction Layout

BH2M has the benefit of offering a full service survey department. Our survey department provides the foundation for each project we undertake. Having the ability to self-perform survey services provides us with a cohesive transition from field reconnaissance to design and then to construction. Typically, our Project Managers will accompany the survey crew early in the process. We’ve found this be an effective approach that reduces the time needed for field survey and guarantees that designers will have the critical information needed for an accurate design. Our survey staff is highly trained in property line, existing conditions, utility and topographic surveys as well as construction layout.

BH2M’s Staff include professionals who have been certified by the Maine Department of Transportation as Local Project Administrators. Whether a project is funded by the DOT or not sound engineering practice relies upon the guidance contained within the Maine Department of Transportation’s Highway Design Guide and Standard Details and Specifications. The fundamentals of the LPA process are applicable to most municipal infrastructure projects.


      Public Participation

      Environmental Review

      Right of Way Certification

      Utility Coordination

      Final Design and Construction Documents

      Construction Cost Estimates

      Construction Bidding and Administration


These fundamentals are essential to managing a successful project.

Through our varied project experience our Staff is also familiar with the various permit applications required by the Maine DOT including:

      Traffic Movement Permits

      Driveway/Entrance Permits

      Utility Location Permits

Environmental Compliance

A vast majority of our projects require some level of environmental permitting. BH2M has a long history of managing regulatory constraints for municipal projects. Our Staff has a constant dialogue with regulators at the State and Federal Levels. Our environmental permitting expertise includes:

Stormwater Management Law

Site Location of Development (Site Law)

Maine Construction General Permits

Natural Resource Protection Act (NRPA)